Halk GYO Financial Headquarters, Istanbul is envisioned as the new banking hub at the Istanbul International Financial Center.  The building's design explores the visually memorable relationship of paired towers as a symbol of the rising power of Turkey at one of the key global financial crossroads; linking Europe and Asia across the Bosphorous. The resulting new identity for Halk GYO in Istanbul, intends to be a contemporary, yet contextual landmark for Istanbul, with its stunning geography and layers of history and culture. 

The design considers the flowing Bosporus as metaphor and contextual mediator, creating the two tower’s form.   The resulting aesthetic is respectful of the Turkish traditions of wall, opening and screen, and purposefully translates to a contemporary material consist that becomes a sustainable icon, both unique and timeless. Contrasting from the stone masonry material language of the adjacent towers, the new glass Halk GYO Headquarter towers intend to offer an ever-changing play of light and shadow that speaks to the evolution of Turkey and the Halk GYO, celebrating a storied past and looking toward a vibrant future.

Rendering 1, 2, 8 and 9 by H2 Studios for HOK.

Design Principal
Todd Halamka