Located in Owosso, Michigan, the new Memorial Healthcare Neuro Wellness Center, will provide expanded state of the art neurology, orthopedic and wellness care as the next phase of expansion for this hospital campus, begun in 1921.

“An Iconic, memorable  architecture that is inviting, comforting and non intimidating; the new building as catalyst for the future remaking of the hospital campus, embracing new care strategies and discovery for the next generation.”

Our Conceptual Statement: We believe the new Memorial  Healthcare Neuro Wellness Center presents a new paradigm in doctor patient care. A transformative patient doctor experience that shares and celebrates medical innovation & discovery within a setting of hospitality, amenity and calm. A building design that intentionally opens itself and invites the Community visually and physically into its family of care offerings.

RELATIONSHIP OF MISSION AND STORY TO COMMUNITY: The idea of sharing the discoveries and care offerings about light-filled garden & gallery spaces within a living room and café setting, that offer a comforting atmosphere for family, patient, doctor and staff; a space that also provides the opportunity for multi-purpose community venues in art, literature and music, all of which build community outreach and engagement, growing the enterprise.

Todd Halamka + Partners developed a campus master plan and new building design for the new Neurology Wellness Center.   

Design Team

Todd Halamka
Susan Morrow
Leonard Clagett
Gisela Schmidt