The Sydney Hotel and Casino is a Five Star Hotel and Casino facility in Sydney, Australia.

Competition design proposes transposing the multi-acre land-based site to become a community park space for the surrounding neighborhood.  The hotel and casino are instead placed at water’s edge and into the harbor, providing both land and water access to the facility. Parking is organized under the community park with a new light-rail train connecting the hotel and casino.

Inspired by the natural water’s edge conditions of the harbor and adjacent coast, a pair of inclined, spiral building wings wrap the centralized casino.  Public shops and restaurants form the eastern 5 story glazed wing and new harbor pier while the private hotel guestroom tower, stone-clad wing defines the western portion of the facility. Private cabana suites punctuate the centralized casino roof as garden pavilions.  Private dock facilities are provided inside the casino.  A unique, staggered array of guestroom floor to ceiling glass windows and articulated stone joinery provide panoramic views of the city and harbor with a reptilian reference to the extraordinary habitat diversity of Australia.   

Photographs by James Steinkamp Photography for SOM 

Design Studio Head
Todd Halamka